Social Media for Accounting Firms

Increase your digital reach, improve trust, and engage your customers where they spend the most time

Find new customers and retain existing ones through Social channels.

Whether it is financial accounting or tax advice, social channels are the number one opportunity for your accounting business to connect with customers.

Whether your competitors are using social media or not, you have so much to gain when you adopt a consistent social media marketing strategy.

You can either lead the charge or finally keep up with the rest by reaching customers in the place they choose to connect with friends, family and their favourite brands.

Here’s how our Social Media services can help your firm:

✅ A strong social media presence increases trust and builds authority. 

✅ Social channels are a great way to get more inquiries 

✅ Social channels contribute in the improvement of your SEO efforts. 

✅ They drive traffic to your website. 

✅ Social channels improve customer engagement. 


Our Social Media marketing aims to create a personality for your brand that is relatable and trustworthy.

We create unique Social media marketing campaigns based on your brand identity that help grow your business. 

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

We believe in Social Media Marketing, not just in Social Media posts.

What that means is that we use strategic content on the right social media channels to reach your ideal customer.

While social media posts are an important element of social media marketing strategy, if the content misses its mark, the results will fail to meet your marketing goals.

We use different social media platforms to help you get the attention you need from the right audience.

We consider every element of your accounting business and use that information to create a social media marketing strategy that reaches prospects at the right point in time, while also helping keep your online presence relevant.

Key elements of our strategy include:

Social media advertising.

Improved, highly targeted social media content.

Metrics and analysis to look for opportunities to improve.

Increased engagement through alignments with influencers and other local businesses.

Through our data-driven social media marketing strategy, you will improve your overall marketing effort, waste less time on the wrong social channels, and provide quality content that engages your audience.

The end result is more leads and sales.

If any of the above has interested you, feel free to get in touch with us and let’s have a chat.

We treat calls as consultations, NOT sales call and their completely free! 

Interested in Social Media Management for your Accounting Firm?