Google Ads for Accounting Firms

Generate unique, high-quality leads for your accounting firm with our battle-tested PPC campaigns.

PPC stands for pay-per-click.

It’s one of the most popular models of running ads because it enables you to reach the right audience at the right time.  

One of the more popular mediums of running PPC ads is via an advertising medium called Google Search Ads. 

Google Search Ads are a highly targeted way to get quick leads because they allow you to show your ads to customers searching for Accounting Firms exactly when they search for them.

As a result, with the right ads, you can get quick inquiries (called lead flow) which you can convert into Sales. 

Another big advantage of Google Ads is that you only pay for the customers who click your ad link or call your business.

At Ads For Accountants, we create tight-knit PPC campaigns with specific keywords based on targeted searches of accounting firms.

We strongly believe that this is the best spend for your ad dollars initially because it gives immediate wins and provides a high return on investment.

We also discuss the ideal ad budget required to suit your needs and we create meaningful ads designed to get instant leads using Google Search.

Here’s how our PPC services help your firm:

✅ You get leads immediately (SEO typically takes months).

✅ Results are measurable allowing you to see your ad investment and return on investment.

✅ You increase relevant site traffic immediately.

✅ Lead flow remains under your control. If you get too busy, you can always turn the campaigns off.

✅ You can include retargeting campaigns to follow your site visitors with even more targeted ads. 

✅ You can quickly reach the top spot in organic search results. 

✅ You only pay for the ads if someone clicks on them.   

Our PPC Strategy for Accounting Firms 

We use paid search ads to simplify your online marketing efforts by using our proven keyword strategy.

 The beauty of the paid search advertising format is that when someone searches keywords related to finding an accountant, your ads can appear at the top of the results quickly.

And, because the ads are specifically targeting search page results, they are extremely relevant to your audience. 

✅ Your ads are micro-targeted to attract qualified leads

✅ You reach your audience when they are in need of your specific services

✅ They can be up and running quickly

✅ Once set up, we optimize and scale them to achieve a high ROI

If you are ready to start getting more lead flow quickly, set up your free strategy session today.

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