SEO Services for Accounting Firms

Leverage our bulletproof SEO strategies to make your firm rank organically on top of Google results.

Search Engine Optimization is complicated.


Because Google doesn’t want it to be easy.

The SEO landscape is constantly changing with algorithms deciding the criteria for content which is at the heart of ranking success.

Their secret is hard to crack so only the best companies make it to the top.

But, we know that you understand the importance of being visible to your customers when they’re searching for your services.

And, that these changes are constantly working against you.

You need experts who not only understand the signals Google looks for in search criteria but also experts who understand the unique needs of accounting firms.

At Ads For Accountants, we’ve dedicated our entire operation to helping accounting firms grow their businesses by getting their SEO practices right.

We are all too familiar with the tactics that Google uses to get you to the top.

We implement these tactics to get you into that elusive top-ranking spot.

If you work with us, you’ll find that we back our words with real results.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how SEO can help your business and our proven strategy to help accounting firms. 

Here’s how our SEO services help your firm:

✅ You increase brand awareness. 

✅ You get a cheaper cost per lead.

✅ Ranking high drives more traffic to your website.  

✅ Your customers can find your services online easily.

✅ Higher rankings make your firm appear more authoritative and you can charge higher for your services. 

Our SEO Strategy for Accounting Firms 

We don’t use just any strategy.

We use a proven framework specific to accounting firms.

We understand the unique struggles and pain points of accounting firms and offer solutions that will work for you.

Our first step is to audit your current campaigns, as well as your online presence.

We then perform research in and around your local areas to see how potential customers are searching, what keywords they are typing and do an in-depth analysis of your top competitors online.

Once we understand where you are, we develop a fully custom strategy to get you where you want. 

Some of our next steps involve: 

✅ Website optimization where we launch new pages, improve current page titles, add meta descriptions and optimize your website.

✅ We create a content strategy to rank you for specific Keywords. 

✅ Our content writers put their years of experience to work for you, writing cornerstone content that will be the foundation for your site to rank.

✅ We get high-quality backlinks to your site, which is crucial to increasing your domain authority and helping you rank higher in search engine results.

Our SEO team audits your citations to ensure your company name, address and phone number are consistent across the board.

✅ Our designers and web developers ensure your website is improved to the point that it is built to convert, with a seamless experience and responsiveness across all devices.

✅ We use site analytics to monitor ongoing metrics and constantly analyze opportunities to improve.

Our strategy addresses every aspect of your online presence for maximum visibility.

If you want to get your accounting firm website to the top of the search engines, then get in touch with us and let’s have a chat.

The call is a consultation, NOT a sales call and it’s completely free! 

Interested in SEO services for your Accounting Firm?