We received an inquiry from a firm with +10 US Chartered Accountants and multiple offices in one State. They provide tax advice, bookkeeping and accountancy services for local businesses. 

Over the past few years, their practice has grown mainly through word of mouth. The client wanted to generate leads online and had tried several agencies in the past but was not happy with the results. 

During our discovery call, we quickly became aware that the firm management was not aware of the key metrics they needed to track and did not have a coherent marketing strategy in place to get leads. While they had tried some Facebook Ads before, the ads did not get the firm any leads. 

Our Solution 

We formulated a strategy around high-intent keywords using Google Ads. Based on our work with previous Accounting Firms, we already have a negative KW list which we could use to make sure that the client did not appear for any irrelevant search terms.  

We connected the client’s Google Ads account to our software which could track clicks to the specific KW clicked and attribute the lead to it which would allow us to scale the best KWs and increase budgets in the best-performing campaigns.  

It took a few changes to the landing pages in the initial 30 days but we were able to optimize the firm’s funnel to have consistent lead flow coming in. Below is a snapshot of the Leads the client has received over a three-month period. 

The Leads received 26 leads over a six-month period which converted at a 10% conversion rate and the client has a positive return on ad spend. We continue to service the client and are now testing new Campaigns to see if we can get the Cost per click lower and therefore increase clients Return on Ad Spend and profitability.