Email Marketing for Accounting Firms

High-impact email campaigns and automations to nurture customers and grow your accounting firm.

Most accounting firms have a plethora of emails collecting cyberdust. 

Owners and employees are too busy with work and nurturing relationships is usually not a top priority. 

That’s where Email Marketing comes in. 

Well built email campaigns and automations give accounting firms the chance to remain in contact with existing customers and nurture past relationships. 

Remaining top of mind with existing customers is a great source of referrals.

And, staying in touch with leads which a firm had generated in the past but failed to convert is a great strategy to generate business when the person is ready to make a change.

Our Email Marketing services leverage both.

We aim to start new conversations with existing customers and re-engage past leads offering them an opportunity to work with your accounting firm when the time is right. 

We know exactly what to do in order to create an email strategy that works for you.  

Here’s how our Email Marketing services help your firm:

✅ Regular Email Campaigns keep you top of mind and engaged with your existing customers. 

✅ Our automations immediately respond to new leads making people feel ‘heard’ from the first point of contact with your firm. 

✅ We create relevant email sequences to nurture leads along their customer journey. 

✅ We systemize being in constant contact with your entire database effortlessly through effective drip campaigns.

✅ We monitor Email metrics to track effectiveness.  

✅ We help convert Email into a high ROI channel by leveraging seasonal email campaigns and asking for referrals. 

Our Strategy For Creating Artfully Planned Drip Campaigns

We have a philosophy when it comes to email. 

Nurture and Engage. 

Both new customers and past leads.  

Because new customers are a great source of referrals and past relationships are already aware of our brand and can convert into new business at any time.  

This philosophy forms the cornerstone of our strategy. 

In order to meet your firms email marketing goals we use a mix of email campaigns and email automations. 

Email campaigns are based on season. 

They may be sent out to offer a promotion or to inform a customer about a new change in accounting guidelines or tax code which may effect their business. 

Our automations are evergreen in nature. 

It may be an onboarding series showing the customer how you work, a welcome series where the customer gets to know you or an educational series educating the customer about a certain topic.  

We come up with strategies that add value so people want to hear from you.

Some of our next steps involve: 

✅ Ensuring proper segmentation to get the messaging just right when we launch drip campaigns

✅ Creating emails around value-added services

✅ Creating an email content strategy around tips for existing customers.

✅ Creating a seasonal strategy around special offers

✅ Creating a process to document and share customer success stories

✅ Sharing the latest industry news and market updates via email campaigns. 

Everything is automated so you don’t have to lift a finger, other than to book the customers your emails generate.

If any of the above has interested you, feel free to get in touch with us and let’s have a chat.

We treat calls as consultations, NOT sales call and their completely free! 

Interested in Email Marketing for your Accounting Firm?